Grande Prairie Residential Society

 Mission Statement

“To provide accessible and affordable housing for people with physical disabilities.”

The Grande Prairie Residential Society (GPRS) is non-profit organization run by a dedicated volunteer board made up of community members and tenants. GPRS was formed in 1986 by a local group of individuals who saw a need for housing in northern Alberta for people  with physical disabilities. The group included people with disabilities and their families, along with supporters in the health and business community.  The Grande Prairie Residential Society has built three major housing projects since 1986, which the Society continues to operate.  The provincial and federal governments have provided funds toward the building of all three GPRS projects. The Society has also had generous financial support from local community organizations, businesses and individuals.      

As the need for accessible, affordable housing continues to grow in our community, GPRS remains dedicated to finding creative solutions to meet the housing needs of the future.

The Grande Prairie Residential Society has a contract with The Grande Spirit Foundation for maintenance and management.

If you have any questions, or you would like to give a donation to GPRS, toward meeting the future housing needs of people with physical disabilities in Grande Prairie, please call Grande Spirit Family Housing; phone 780 532-3276, and fax 780 882-6774. or e-mail at family@grandespirit.org

wheelchair access housingPhase I  -  Duplexes

wheelchair access housing
Phase II -7 –Plex

wheelchair access housing

Margaret Edgson Manor